Did you know that?

  • The intestinal system has an autonomous brain called the “abdominal brain

  • 70% of our immune system cells reside in the gut

  • The human body contains more bacteria than human cells (>100 Trillion (1014))

  • Every person has 500 to 1000 different types of intestinal bacteria in his/her gut

  • The whole intestinal bacteria of a person are called gut flora or intestinal microbiome

  • The composition of the gut flora is highly dynamic and influenced by nutrition

  • The composition of our gut flora might be an important factor for being underweight or overweight

  • Digestion of nutrients, vitamins and minerals is positively influenced by a healthy gut flora

Some events can change the composition of a healthy gut flora

  • Intestinal infections with pathogenic yeasts or enterobacteria very often result in a disbalanced gut flora

  • Repeated antibiotic treatments are amongst the most frequent events that damage our gut flora

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