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Each individual 30 DAYS GUT RESTORATION PROGRAM comes with 4 different eBooks in a printable PDF format:

The GUT RESTORATION GUIDE gives you all the information you need to practically restore your gut flora and improve your gut flora related health issue.

You will find a manual for gut cleansing and manual for rebuilding your gut flora. Furthermore, you will get a list of probiotic bacteria strains and fermented foods that improved symptoms of your gut flora related health issue in clinical trials. You can introduce exactly these probiotics and fermented foods for your own gut restoration.

Follow the GUT RESTORATION GUIDE and restore a healthy gut flora in less than 30 days.

The PERSONAL TUTORIAL will let you understand the causes and roots of your gut flora related health issue and which actions you can take in order to improve it.

You will find expert information on your specific health issue and you will learn which necessary lifestyle changes are needed to complement your gut restoration. Then you will learn which probiotics, fermented foods and prebiotics you should take during gut restoration to improve your specific gut flora related health issue. You get all the information you need to make your gut restoration even more successful.

At the end of each PERSONAL TUTORIAL there is a summary of clinical trials. This section is only for those who want to know the details of clinical studies on probiotic bacteria strains, fermented foods and/or prebiotics and is not needed to proceed with gut restoration.

In the SHOPPING LIST you will find all the necessary products and foods you need to buy for your individual gut restoration:

  • Products and foods for gut cleansing
    • Mechanical colon cleansing
    • Saline cleansing
    • Fungicidal treatment
    • Intestinal flushing
  • Products and foods for rebuilding your gut flora
    • Probiotics
    • Fermented Foods
    • Prebiotics

According to your individual situation there might be foods you shouldn´t eat at all and other foods which are especially beneficial for you during gut restoration. 

The MENU will give you inspiration for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, for snacks and a timeline for when to take probiotics.

You will also get an EMPTY MENU for your own records. This comes as an editable word document and as an editable open document text format, so that you can document the course of your gut restoration.


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