Rebuilding your gut flora

Rebuilding your gut flora is the second step towards a healthy gut flora. Following gut cleansing, rebuilding your gut flora will provide probiotic gut bacteria and create perfect conditions for them to colonise your gut.

  • A healthy gut flora means a healthy digestion

  • A healthy gut flora means a healthy immune system

  • A healthy gut flora means your body has more energy for yourself!

Rebuilding your gut flora is based on four pillars

  • 1. Probiotics (healthy, probiotic bacteria)
  • 2. Fermented foods (mix of probiotic bacteria)
  • 3. Prebiotics (serve as a food source for probiotic bacteria)
  • 4. Changes in eating habits

Again, Mr. GUT is showing you the basic steps of rebuilding your gut flora in the grey box to the right!

For rebuilding your gut flora you will use probiotics and fermented foods that contain certain probiotic strains. According to clinical trials, certain probiotic strains have shown substantial beneficial effects in the treatment of gut flora related health issues. Exactly these probiotic strains are used in each individual 30 DAYS GUT RESTORATION PROGRAM.

Duration of rebuilding your gut flora

Every probiotic bacteria has to be taken on 6 to 8 consecutive days. If three blocks of probiotics are taken during rebuilding your gut flora, gut restoration will take you less than 30 days!

Learn more about probiotics here



1. Probiotics

Probiotics - Probiotic bacteria - Plant one type of plant - Probiotics (from Latin (pro) “for” and Greek (bios) “life”) are preparations containing living or viable microorganisms. Probiotics usually consist of bacteria or products thereof. Probiotic bacteria strains are “good” physiological bacteria which are able to colonise your gut. Probiotics are marketed as food supplements and belong to the functional food products. Usually, the type of bacteria and the bacterial strain(s) are precisely defined. Often the amount of bacteria in the probiotic is also mentioned. Numerous studies have shown that the composition of your gut flora can be influenced by consuming probiotics or fermented foods. Thus a damaged gut flora can be rebuilt by the use of probiotic bacteria.

Plant one type of plant

2. Fermented foods

Fermented foods - Seed a mix of seeds - Fermented foods usually contain a large variety of different bacteria. This makes them particularly relevant for rebuilding your gut flora. Furthermore, regular consumption of fermented foods helps to reconstitute a physiological gut flora and to maintain a balanced and healthy gut flora in the long term. You will find directions on which fermented foods you should use for chronic constipation in chapter 5 of this guide.

Seed a mix of seeds

3. Prebiotics

Prebiotics - Fertilising - Dietary fibre or roughage are parts from plants that can´t be directly digested. Although dietary fibres are not degradable by our own body´s enzymes, they serve as useful nutrients for numerous probiotic bacteria of our gut flora. That is why dietary fibres are also called prebiotics. Prebiotics occur as storage carbohydrates in various plants and are thus apparent in vegetables. In order to support the bacterial colonisation with probiotic bacteria during rebuilding your gut flora, you should...


4. Changes in eating habits

Rebuilding your gut flora - Changes-in-eating-habits - Dietary fibre (prebiotics), Avoid sugar, Avoid carbohydrate-rich foods, Salad, Oils, Fermented foods, Only eat meat twice a week or less frequently (with moderation), Eat fish at least once a week

Fertilising and weeding

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