Gut cleansing

Intestinal gut cleansing is the first step towards a healthy gut flora. By gut cleansing you create space in your intestines for introducing healthy gut bacteria. This is how intestinal gut cleansing paves the way for rebuilding your gut flora.

Gut cleansing is based on four pillars

  • 1. Mechanical colon cleansing
  • 2. Saline cleansing
  • 3. Fungicidal treatment
  • 4. Intestinal flushing

Again, Mr. GUT is showing you the basic steps of gut cleansing in the grey box to the right!

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Fasting and Detox

Intestinal gut cleansing also is an excellent alternative to fasting and a great way to detox.

Duration of gut cleansing

Depending on the purpose you can do gut cleansing between 2 to 7 days.

  • If the purpose is gut restoration, 2 days of initial gut cleansing are enough!
  • For detox or as an alternative to fasting, gut cleansing can be done for 7 days or longer

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1. Mechanical cleansing

Mechanical colon cleansing - Remove and dig out plants - Mechanical cleansing of the intestines can be achieved by using a diet rich in fibres. You can probably imagine how these fibres scrape along the intestinal wall during the intestinal passage and thus cleanse the old excrement deposits in your gut mechanically. For mechanical colon cleansing, you should eat only food rich in ...

Remove and dig out plants

2. Saline cleansing

Saline cleansing - Glauber salt - Epsom salt - Remove large stones - Glauber salt and Epsom salt are used medically for the symptomatic treatment of constipation and whilst fasting for detoxification of foreign substances. Glauber salt and Epsom salt are osmotically active salts. They prevent the transfer of water from the small and large intestine to the blood and lead to a spontaneous diarrheal emptying after about 30 to 90 minutes. After going to the toilet and pooing, enough water (>1.5 litres) should be drunk to prevent dehydration. Caution should be exercised in the case of an existing heart disease, because saline cleansing using Glauber or Epsom salt may lead to a severe loss of mineral substances.

Remove large stones

3. Fungicidal treatment

Fungicidal treatment - Remove and control weeds - The purpose of the fungicidal treatment is to kill fungus, like the yeast Candida albicans, in your gut or at least to limit its spread. If you are experiencing excessive bloating or odorous passing of wind, especially after eating sweet foods (simple carbohydrates), this is often due to gas produced by intestinal yeasts. In these cases I strongly recommend you do a fungicidal treatment during gut cleansing.

Remove and control weeds

4. Intestinal flushing

Intestinal flushing - Colonic irrigation - Enema - Colon Hydrotherapy - Remove pebble stones - During gut cleansing and rebuilding your gut flora, it can be useful to flush the gut to cleanse the old excrement deposits in the large intestine. However, only the last 50 cm of the large intestine are flushed by the typical colonic irrigation by enema. Whether this actually serves to restore your gut flora is not proven; that´s why I explicitly emphasise that a bowel rinse is not a must for successful gut cleansing! However, people with chronic constipation can greatly benefit from colonic irrigations, as they help starting to improve chronic constipation.

Remove pebble stones

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