The adominal brain

Our mood is strongly influenced by our enteric nervous system. The enteric nervous system works largely independent from our brain and is therefore called “abdominal brain” by some authors. The abdominal brain criss-crosses almost our whole gastrointestinal tract and contains as many neuronal cells as the spinal cord.

Our abdominal brain permanently informs us (our brain) about the state of our digestive system. It also regulates digestive functions like intestinal motility, secretion of digestive juices, absorption of food ingredients, and gastrointestinal blood flow.

The abdominal brain is the physiological basis of the term “gut feeling”, as it constantly informs us about the status of our digestive system. If your gut flora is disbalanced or damaged your brain constantly receives the information from your abdominal brain that something is wrong. This can induce a bad mood, feelings of distress, headache or even migraine.

The good news is that a disbalanced or damaged gut flora can be restored. By gut restoration you can restore a disbalanced or damaged gut flora and can improve gut flora related health issues in the long term. The ultimate goal of gut restoration is to restore a healthy gut flora that is in balance.


Improve health issues by gut restoration

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