Sebastian Prall -Naturopath, biochemist, molecular biologist -Private consultations, gut restoration, gut cleansing, nutrition, cancer, alternative medicine

About Me

I am a naturopath, trained biochemist and molecular biologist. Since the end of 2014, I am working intensively on healthy nutrition and gut restoration. The need of my clients prompted me to develop the individual 30 DAYS GUT RESTORATION PROGRAM. The idea behind the 30 DAYS GUT RESTORATION PROGRAM is that people with different gut flora related health issues need individual solutions to improve them.

Gut restoration involves two steps. The first step is gut cleansing and the second step is rebuilding your gut flora. Although many aspects of the 30 DAYS GUT RESTORATION PROGRAM remain the same for different health issues, there is no one-fits-all solution. My goal is to provide individual gut restoration programs for all the different gut flora related health issues that can greatly benefit from gut restoration. During the course of gut restoration the choice of the right probiotic bacteria strains is a central and crucial aspect.

Depending on the gut flora related health issue you want to improve, adaptations to the gut restoration protocols are needed to apply only the methods of gut restoration that are beneficial for the patient and to skip those which are doing more harm than good. One example: Although saline cleansing is generally a central part of gut cleansing, people with chronic diarrhoea should not apply saline cleansing, because that can severely worsen chronic diarrhoea.

Another example: People with chronic diarrhoea and chronic constipation mostly benefit from different probiotics. However, there is one probiotic strain – the Escherichia coli strain Nissle 1917 – both groups can benefit from. According to clinical trials, certain probiotic strains have shown substantial beneficial effects in the treatment of different gut related health issues, whereas others failed.

In the different individual 30 DAYS GUT RESTORATION PROGRAMs, I always use exactly these – scientifically proven – probiotic bacteria strains that improved a certain gut related health issue in clinical trials. If you want to know more about gut restoration, get a private consultation here.


In recent years, I have come to know both the language of science and the language of medicine. I recognised that disorders and diseases often require holistic solutions. The ultimate goal of holistic solutions in medicine is to achieve a maximum of therapeutic success. This requires the interdisciplinary cooperation of different disciplines to efficiently cure disease, as for example the extremely complex disease cancer. Holistic approaches should use and combine the latest scientific findings of different fields like conventional medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayuverda, alternative medicine, and last but not least natural sciences.

Career path

For many years I have been dealing with the topic of cancer. I studied biochemistry and molecular biology in Hannover and Hamburg. Afterwards, I completed my PhD in natural sciences at the Research Centre for Childhood Cancer in Hamburg, Germany. Then I went to England to study certain pathways in acute myeloid leukaemia at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research. My professional career pathway brought me back to Germany, where I led the Department of Molecular Genetic Diagnostics in a haematological routine diagnostic laboratory.

In 2015, I started my formation as naturopath at the German Paracelsus School in Hannover, Germany. Since July 2017, I am a registered German naturopath (“Heilpraktiker”) and I am recognised as “professional naturópata” in Spain, too.

Curriculum vitae

Dr. rer. nat. Sebastian Prall, Heilpraktiker, born on 30.10.1978 in Germany

2017 – Professional naturópata (registered naturopath in Spain, awarded by OCN FENACO”)

2017 – Heilpraktiker (registered naturopath in Germany)

2016 Specialisation on topics like holistic cancer therapy, nutrition, and the human gut flora

2015 Formation as naturopath at the German Paracelsus School in Hannover, Germany

2014 Head of the Department of Molecular Genetic Diagnostics, Haematology, University Hospital Cologne, Germany

2010-2012 Cancer Research as PostDoc at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

2010 Doctor of Natural Sciences (PhD), Research Centre Children’s Cancer Center Hamburg, University Hospital Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany

2005 – Diploma in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

1998 – High school degree, Gymnasium Kaiser Friedrich Ufer, Hamburg, Germany