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Bloating is quite common and up to 30% of people experience it regularly. Bloating is a condition where your belly feels swollen after eating. It can cause increased pressure, discomfort, and can make the belly look bigger. In most cases bloating produces the sensation that the abdomen is full. If there is an increased accumulation of gas in the intestines bloating consequently leads to farting. If the symptoms of bloating become more pronounced and a feeling of discomfort occurs this is called excessive bloating.

For bloating, the synonym flatulence and the verbs to pass wind, to pass gas, to flatulate and to fart exist. However, these terms actually mean slightly different things, although the reason is always the same: the accumulation of gas in the digestive system.

There are many different causes of excessive bloating. On the one hand our lifestyle, including eating and drinking habits, can lead to excessive bloating; On the other hand there are various health conditions that lead to more gas being produced in the intestines, including a disbalanced or a damaged gut flora.

In people who are suffering from excessive bloating or from smelly farting it is often gas produced by our own gut bacteria or intestinal yeasts that causes the problem. This gas results from fermentation processes in our gut. Under conditions of great amounts of the yeast fungus Candida albicans in the gut excessive bloating and farting can occur, especially after eating sweet foods (simple carbohydrates).

The answer is yes! Numerous clinical studies have shown that gas production, as well as bloating and passing gas, can be reduced by the intake of probiotics.

There are three possible routes to reducing gas production in your gut:

  • Probiotic bacteria and fermented foods
  • Fungicidal treatment to kill fungus – like the yeast Candida albicans
  • Lifestyle changes

Numerous clinical trials have shown that certain probiotic bacteria can help to reduce gas production in your digestive system. Also a fungicidal treatment can reduce gas production in your digestive system. Lifestyle changes can also greatly decrease the amount of air in your digestive system. All these steps are part of the 30 DAYS GUT RESTORATION PROGRAM for improving excessive bloating.

Your individual 30 DAYS GUT RESTORATION PROGRAM comes with 4 eBooks in a printable PDF format:

The GUT RESTORATION GUIDE gives you all the information you need for doing a gut restoration that can reduce excessive bloating and farting in less than 30 days. For your individual gut restoration you will use the right probiotic bacteria and fermented foods that reduced excessive bloating in clinical studies.

The PERSONAL TUTORIAL will let you understand the causes and roots of excessive bloating and farting. You will find expert information on excessive bloating and you will learn which lifestyle changes can greatly reduce excessive bloating and farting. The PERSONAL TUTORIAL explicitly emphasises how important a fungicidal treatment and nutritional changes are for your gut restoration. Furthermore, avoiding carbonated drinks, high-fat foods and fast foods will greatly help you to reduce excessive bloating in the long term.

In the SHOPPING LIST you will find all the necessary products and foods you need to buy for your individual gut restoration.

The MENU will give you inspiration for your diet during gut restoration. According to your individual situation, there are foods that are especially beneficial for you during gut restoration. Of course there might be some foods you don´t eat at all, because you can´t or simply don´t like. During gut restoration there is no food you absolutely have to eat and of course you should choose the diet that suits you best!

First, there are lists of foods that you should include into your gut restoration and some recommendations which foods you should avoid. These lists will give you a clear idea of what to eat and what not to eat.

At the end of the document you will find the MENU, which should give you inspiration for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, for snacks and a detailed timeline for when to take probiotics. This MENU is only a suggestion to inspire you and to give you examples of what you can eat during your individual gut restoration.

You will also get an EMPTY MENU for your own records. This comes as an editable word document and as an editable open document text (.odt) format, so that you can document the course of your gut restoration.

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Although it is not necessarily needed for successful gut restoration, I recommend doing a Nystatin therapy during gut restoration. Whereas the antifungal Nystatin is available without prescription in most European countries, it is a prescription only medicine in some countries, like the US, the UK, Canada and Austria. Therefore, if you are living in such a country you have to see a qualified healthcare provider, which can prescribe you Nystatin before starting gut restoration.

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